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Friendly Water in Kenya

Published: Aug. 6, 2021


Last month we shared all of the successes we have achieved this year, both big and small, on our path to creating a new water security program. This new program has the chance to impact the lives of at least 7,000 students of all ages, their teachers and staff, the families they all return to at the end of each day, and community members who rely on water from the schools. Tanks will be installed in more than a dozen schools, a clinic, and a market to provide water for cooking, cleaning, hygiene, farming, school labs, and many other uses.

We had a really interactive Chat (don't miss the Q&A session). And with our new chapters feature on YouTube, you can fast-forward straight to the parts that interest you the most. Don't miss out.

Click here to watch.

from Will Forester, Friendly Water for the World (8/2/2021)