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Friendly Planning for Refugee Shelter

Published: Sept. 1, 2023


They described the work of Colores United, the patterns and realities of migration along our border with Mexico, and the technical needs for reopening our local Deming Refugee Shelter, also known as “Mariposa Ranch.”

The end result is that a team of graduate students and professors will be coming down to Deming September 8-10 to assess the situation on the ground and develop design solutions intended to help reopen the center for housing of migrant guests. They will also sketch out longer-term uses of the space. No more need for hotels! Electrical and plumbing infrastructure is so critical.

Ariana also sent us this photo of Baby Elizabeth, who was born the day her mother arrived at the Deming shelter. She was named for one of the shelter employees. She and her brother, José, came from Guatemala with their parents. These are the kids and families to whom you are giving a better life with your support for Colores United.

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from Barbara Gaioud, Silver City network for refugee support (8/30/2023)