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Fire & Woolman at Sierra Friends

Published: Aug. 29, 2020


The Jones Fire, entered the north end of Sierra Friends Center on August 19, near the oxidation ponds and Firewood Barn. It was about 300 yards wide and moved south across the west side of the campus, burning everything it could, from the soccer field to Woolman Lane.

Everybody was evacuated from the property safely, but thirteen structures were destroyed, along with all the garden buildings. Even so, our main buildings were untouched – due to the heroic efforts of fire fighters, who kept the buildings safe while allowing the fire to burn through the campus from one end to the other. Still standing are the Dining Hall, Meetinghouse, Office, Ranch House, Stone House, Fern House, Ceramic Studio and Kiln, all twelve A-Frames, Redwood House, Arbor House, the three homes in the upper campus, the Maintenance Shop, and the Quonset Hut – all saved.

We are fortunate to have good fire insurance through Church Mutual. They have been amazingly responsive, and we continue to work closely with them. We are resilient and intend to rebuild.

I am confident that we will be stronger with a new beginning.

from Marty Coleman-Hunt, Woolman at Sierra Friends Center (8/27/2020)

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