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Faulty Teleportation

Published: April 4, 2020


Dear Editor, Thank you so much for helping to bring us into the Twenty-First Century with online/virtual meetings for worship!  In this period of mandatory social distancing for everyone’s safety’s sake, online meetings have been a wonderful way to nurture Friends’ spiritual needs. I have, however, noticed a few interesting glitches. I’ve noted some Friends have managed to place some sort of nature scene behind themselves, so it appears to others that they’re sitting near a tropical beach or some mountain vista. Unfortunately, many of those Friends, when shifting in their seats, suddenly disappear, as if by Star Trek transporter.  Even more distracting is when the individual disappearing does so not completely, but in part.  The clerk of the virtual meeting I attended yesterday disappeared from the neck down repeatedly, leaving a rather disconcerting disembodied head floating in mid-air, just to the side of his fully corporeal wife.  Such disembodiments don’t seem to be happening to Friends who are simply seated at their computers, sans green screen. Would you suggest to Friends who are using this green-screen-like technology that it’s an unnecessary distraction during worship, especially to those of us who are new to online worship? Yours in the Light, DJ Bloom   

from DJ Bloom, Apple Seed Friends Meeting (3/30/2020)