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Embodying the Light

Published: Sept. 3, 2021


I have been practicing yoga since 2008 and Qigong/Tai Chi since 2014. I came to these practices after injuries and during rehabilitation. You might say I discovered them after breaking myself repeatedly. In Western culture, we are programmed to push ourselves to attain physical goals and fitness. Like many people, I was able to do this in my youth, but as I aged, this strategy was no longer working!

What began as a means of physical healing, has become a path to emotional healing and spiritual growth. It is difficult to put into words the power of these practices, but I will try. What I first noticed was how quickly and forcefully I wanted to perform each pose and form. I was often onto the next one in my mind before my body had completed the last one! I realized this is how I live my life—no wonder I was stressed out most of the time and was injuring myself. As I learned to slow down and be present to each movement, my mind began to slow down and settle.  

. . . 

Both yoga and Qigong/Tai Chi are ancient practices from the East designed to open the flow of “Prana” or “Chi” through the body, similar concepts to the “Light” in Quaker thought. Both are pathways to tap into and feel the Source of all Creation that lies within us, to understand at a visceral level the flow of this Light through us. Our consciousness shapes this Light as it enters the world, like the shaping of the forms used in these practices. They help to slow us down, clear blocks, and mindfully channel the Creation happening through us, to feel the inner Chi/Prana/Light which animates us and all we do. When I can settle deeply into my practice, I feel the Light that connects us all with each other, all things, and the Divine Source. This is truly a magical space, full of creative potentiality. We are all miraculous conduits for Light and Love to enter this world.

. . . 

Because of these powerful, simple practices, I live my life in a new way. I am grateful for the leadings that brought them into my life. Namaste—the Divine in me honors the Divine in you.


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from Rhonda Ashurst, Reno Friends Meeting (8/31/2021)