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El Salvador Projects

Published: Aug. 13, 2021


From the June 2021 newsletter of the El Salvador Projects (Palo Alto Friends Meeting): 

The El Salvador Projects of the Palo Alto Friends Meeting supports students pursuing a college education in El Salvador. Henry Wilson Olmedo, who studied at the National University with support from the El Salvador Projects and graduated this year with honors, exemplifies the benefits of this program. While pursuing his own education, Wilson not only insisted that his younger brother follow in his footsteps but also motivated his older sister, who finished high school 10 years ago, to enroll in the University as well. Wilson currently works part time for the Ministry of Education as the academic assistant for the local school in El Bario, where he has also taught computer classes, and he receives a stipend from the El Salvador Projects for teaching English to middle and high school students. With this income he supports the needs and education of both his sister and brother. He also mentors and advises students in El Bario about how they can continue their studies at the university level. 

You can brighten the future of other young Salvadorans by donating to the El Salvador Projects. 

To learn more about the students we support and the current political situation in El Salvador, visit our web site where the June 2021 newsletter is available (https://www.pafmelsalvadorprojects.org/project-news-letters). If you would like to receive future newsletters, send a message to:

David Hinson (davidphinson-AT-yahoo-DOT-com) and state your preference for the paper or electronic version. 


from David Hinson, Palo Alto Friends Meeting (8/13/2021)