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El Paso Friends Helping Migrants at the Border

Published: May 23, 2019

Our El Paso Meeting is growing! On a First Day when all of our members and attenders are present, we can have a circle of 11, and sometimes more if we have visitors. Visitors have become a regular treat for us as volunteers from across the country have been coming to El Paso to assist with feeding and transporting the refugees passing through the El Paso Sector on their way to friends and family in other parts of the United States. Spanish-speaking volunteers have also been able to assist with phone calls to make travel arrangements for the families and individuals passing through El Paso.

Members of our Meeting help with laundry, cleaning, cooking, and communicating the very fluid situation here in El Paso. Annunciation House, a non-governmental organization, has been spearheading the refugee program for years, but as the need has grown, Las Cruces, Albuquerque, and Deming (on Hwy. 10 en route to Tucson) are also opening shelters to help.

At our New Mexico Regional Meeting in April, the five of us from El Paso Meeting who attended joined others in a session called to discuss what was happening and what we were doing in each of our communities from El Paso, Texas to Durango, Colorado. And El Paso will be hosting NMRM 2020, so we will be focusing on that, too, in the year to come.

From Vona Van Cleef, El Paso Friends Meeting, 5/21/2019