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Continuing Revelation: Friends of African Descent

Published: July 8, 2022


Fellowship of Friends of African Descent (FOFAD) warmly invites Quakers of African Descent to gather virtually in worship and fellowship:

Continuing Revelation: Spirit, Society, Self

Friday, August 12, to Sunday, August 14, 2022
This event is free.
Click here to register.

As the current Clerk of FOFAD, I am delighted to be part of the continuation of a 30+ year legacy of education, activism, and service. Most important to me is connecting all Quakers of African Descent, whether living on the continent or living through the diaspora, representing both unprogrammed and programmed Meetings, and reflecting countless traditions.

Many of us know firsthand the isolation that Black Quakers have felt through the years, and our virtual Gathering will serve as a reminder that we are not alone. Our theme is Continuing Revelation: Spirit, Society, Self.

If you have attended a FOFAD Gathering in the past, we welcome you back!

If you have never attended before, we welcome you to your first time!

If you are not a Friend of African Descent, we would gratefully appreciate you sharing this message with those who are, and humbly accept your donation to FOFAD for our ongoing programming and infrastructure.

If you are so led by the Spirit, please click here to donate.

from Rashid Darden, Fellowship of Friends of African Descent