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Compassionate Listening Intro Training

Published: May 29, 2020


Healing Our World from the Inside Out

with Tom McSteen

June 16th - July 21st, Tuesdays, 10:00 am - 12:15 PM Pacific Time; 6 sessions on Zoom

Humanity is waking up to our interconnectedness as never before - to one another and to the Earth. We believe that learning to listen with compassion to ourselves and others is a key to this awakening, and that our evolutionary capacity is directly linked to our ability to navigate conflict.

Compassionate Listening is a practice that reaches deep into the heart of discord or disconnection, teaching us to listen with a spiritual "ear" to ourselves and to those around us. Its powerful tools help transform the energy of conflict into opportunities for understanding, intimacy at home, healthy relationships, productive teamwork, and positive action. It is a practice that provides a roadmap to what sages from all ages and cultures have taught: cultivating the wisdom of the heart is the key to real peace "from the inside out."

The skills of Compassionate Listening will empower you to become a more powerful peacemaker in your daily life. As we harness the wisdom of our hearts, we can shift challenging communication and relationships into compassionate interaction. This experiential workshop focuses on the core practices developed by the Compassionate Listening Project:

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from Leah Green, Compassionate Listening Project (to be 6/9/2020)