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Compassionate Listening Circles

Published: April 24, 2020


The Compassionate Listening Project is offering Free, Online Compassion Circles, every Friday from Noon to 1:30 PM Pacific time, starting April 24th, 2020. These are drop-in sessions on Zoom with Laurie Archbold and Gil Bar Sela. More times are coming soon.

​Join us for listening and speaking from the heart in Compassion Circles. Be part of a community as we navigate through this time of crisis and awakening, with Compassionate Listening and other powerful resilience practices.

How can we best respond to this time of intense global disruption and massive collective re-calibration? A time where our vulnerability, interdependence and our need to be in community are felt more than ever before?

The Compassionate Listening Project has been cultivating skills and practices for the past 30 years that can deeply support us in these challenging times. We know that our collective resilience – our ability to connect to often hidden sources of strength within us – depends on our capacity to connect compassionately with ourselves and others, and to be deeply listened to and heard. Together, we can strengthen our capacity to remain resilient under stress. We can connect to a collective picture of new life that’s emerging from this collapse, and learn how to stay in our hearts even in the midst of chaos and fear.

Learn more and sign-up here.

from Leah Green, Compassionate Listening Project (4/21/2020)