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Bypass Monthly Meetings for Membership

Published: Jan. 1, 2021


The 12/5/2020 issue of Extra Extra Western Friend included this set of reflections:

What Does Quaker Membership Mean?

That piece has been revised to include three more installments from Steven Davison's recent series on this question.

Those three installments are linked below as well. Parts 7 and 8 consider the growing movement among Young Adult Friends to seek membership in the Religious Society of Friends directly through yearly meetings, rather than by following the traditional practice of joining monthly meetings. Part 9 considers the meaning of "the life of the Spirit."

Membership, Part 7 – Yearly Meeting Membership

Membership, Part 8 – Proposal: A New Kind of Membership

Membership, Part 9 – Membership and the Life of the Spirit

from Steven Davison, New York Yearly Meeting (1/3/2021)