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Building a Bridge to COP26

Published: July 9, 2021


Dear Editor: I appreciate Frank Granshaw's article about COP26 in the latest issue of Western Friend, and I want to share the info with the new climate-change interest group at Friends House in Santa Rosa

But the link offered on page 21 of the PDF version of the July/August issue, which should go to a “Quakers and Climate Change” web page, does not seem to be working.

Would you send me a correct link, please?

from Elizabeth Boardman, Friends House Santa Rosa (7/8/2021)

From the Editor: In the PDF version of this article, the web link in question has a mistaken “space” in the middle of the link.

Here is the correct, unbroken link:


I have corrected this link in the online version of Frank's article and in the online list of resources that supports the article.

Thanks, Elizabeth!