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¡Berta Cáceres, Presente!

Published: March 3, 2023


March 2, 2023 marked 7 years since the assassination of visionary Indigenous and social movement leader Berta Cáceres. Berta was tenacious and unflinching in the face of powerful forces of oppression and destruction. She was deeply committed to solidarity and movement building. Her murder was condemned around the world and her life and legacy continues to be celebrated and honored. 

Despite the widespread clamor for justice for Berta, that has yet to be accomplished. Eight people have been found guilty — including two SOA graduates and one West Point graduate — but those who paid for her murder have yet to be prosecuted. Furthermore, the concession of the sacred Gualcarque River which Berta was murdered for defending has not been cancelled. In its statement commemorating this anniversary, the Consejo Cívico de Organizaciones Populares e Indígenas de Honduras writes:

“Even though the irregularities and corruption of the concession on the Gualcarque River have been proven [the government concession to control local water rights], and the connection of the Atala Zablah family and their employees with the violence and murder of Berta Cáceres has been proven, this same family still maintains the rights to the concession and permits to exploit the Gualcarque River for 50 years. We demand this concession be cancelled responsibly and immediately.”

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from Brigitte Gynther and Lulu Matute School of the Americas Watch (3/2/2023)