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An Inside Perspective on Afghanistan

Published: Aug. 11, 2023


Dear Friends,

Redwood Forest Friends Meeting invites you to attend a talk about Afghanistan that David Sedney will be giving for Friends House on August 22. David is brother to Redwood Forest Friend Vivian Sedney. He has lived and worked in Afghanistan as a diplomat, Pentagon bureaucrat, and university president.

What Hope for Afghanistan?

Tuesday, August 22, 2023
90 minutes starting at
7:15 PM Pacific = 8:15 PM Mountain
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Here is a short description of what David Sedney intends to speak about:

“Afghanistan today is a country of over 40 million, 20 million of whom are confined to their homes, deprived of educational opportunities, subjected to forced marriages and consigned to harsh punishments for violations of an archaic, un-Islamic system of oppression. The Taliban who rule Afghanistan believe that their victory over the US and NATO gives them elite, "god-blessed" status and is the precursor to a world order where their beliefs will rule supreme. The Taliban give haven to violent groups that threaten their neighbors, their region, and the world. However, a 20-year US-led international intervention failed to dislodge the Taliban and there is no interest anywhere in trying another intervention. What is to be done? Is there any hope for the Afghan people. the majority of whom wish for a life without the Taliban? Join us for a discussion of this difficult topic."

from Barbara Babin, Redwood Forest Friends Meeting