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A Carol for this Season

Published: Dec. 17, 2021


A Carol for this Season

Now Christmas time is coming,
And snow is in the air;
Melodiously carol,
Ye children of the Fair.

Melodiously carol,
Sing the old songs of praise:
For you the tree is laden,
For you the fire ablaze,

For you a feast is waiting,
For you are friends around.
What do you know of stables
Where rooms cannot be found?

What do you know of hunger,
What do you know of pain?
What do you know of mangers
Where infant Babes are lain?

The poor, the sick, the homeless –
These hunger, as of old.
For them no gifts are waiting,
For them the fire is cold,

For them no feast is given,
For them no songs are sung.
King Jesus walked among them.
Whom do you walk among?

And still on Christmas morning
The Cross waits, bare and grim.
He gave his life for your life:
What will you give to him?

Melodiously carol,
Make the old anthems live!
The Lord of Love, who watcheth,
Is good, and will forgive.

William Ashworth
December 1971