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Our Next President

Published on Jan. 12, 2017


Pray? Is That What To Do About Our Next President?

January 12, 2017
by Molly Wingate

I just had to hit my knees. With all the news, fake news, and social media posts about the disasters the United States faces with Trump as president, actually kneeling to pray is my best response.  I am praying for guidance, so I can be put to good use.  After all, we are all God’s hands on earth.

Prayer and Meditation

My prayer and meditation practice is often silent and wordless.  I sit in the Light, open for whatever comes.  Usually, I have an image or a series of intuitions that suggest good actions or things I’ve overlooked.  Other times I have sensations and emotions, ending with love.

But with the Trump presidency, I am daring to ask for guidance in my prayer. And I ask directly. I don’t think I need to outline for you how offensive and scary the man’s words and actions are.  What I need is some help knowing the best way to be true to my Quaker values when I am shocked with outrage daily.

Just being shocked isn’t helpful. Guidance, please.

Guidance I’ve received so far:

Use the gifts that I have first, and then worry about learning new things.

Listen to a variety of views.

Listen to everyone for what their pain is.

Speak to the pain, not to the details.

Avoid overload of the news.

Speak with likeminded people to organize.

These are actions I know how to take and can take easily.  So that was good to hear!  My professional work has made me always seek out a variety of perspectives, and I hear people’s pain through their talk.  Limiting  my time and attention to the news will be hard, but I will select my outlets carefully. I will pray about whether I should march on January 21st with the women in Colorado Springs – can’t imagine I won’t, but I’ll ask.

This guidance has given me a little peace.  I know what to do, and it is well within my reach.  By continuing to be the Quaker I am, by continuing to do the things I actually like to do, I can follow the divine guidance I’ve received so far. Bonus!

What’s Next?

I will keep on praying for guidance for as long as it seems like the thing to do. If I need to go back to silent, wordless prayer, I will. If I need to do something else, I will.

Quakers have a discernment process that is downright handy when trying to figure out the way forward. I will pray and meditate and talk with others about my path.  I will use my community to weigh my actions if I am unclear.  When I wait for discernment, I usually end up with an idea or project that is perfectly suited for my growth and that others can join in on. My kids call it, “Mommy’s little idea that grew and grew.”

When I first got on my knees to pray for guidance, I was frazzled.  My thoughts were whirling, my heart had sunk, and I was desperate.  I think God likes me best when I am wide open to being led.  As has been my experience in the past, I received direction on how to be of use. I can put my hands in the service of the Spirit, or God, or the Light – the words don’t make any difference to me.

I am very grateful to be able to leave the panic behind and know that I have something helpful for these hands to do. So the next time I wonder what to do about our next President, I’ll pray.