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Black Friday Alternatives

Published on Nov. 21, 2017


Three Great Activities for Black Friday That Don’t Involve Shopping Bags!

November 21, 2017
by Molly Wingate

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1. Go outside!

Many of us have Black Friday day off, so enjoy it by doing something different. Don’t catch up on work; go into the out of doors.  In Colorado, all of our state parks are free for the day – an added incentive to immerse yourself in nature, listen to the birds, and watch animals. Take a sketch book or a favorite meditation. Get out of yourself, listen for God, and enjoy some silence. Take a buddy and walk off that meal you ate yesterday.


2.Go see something beautiful!

Tis the season of the Nutcracker – playing somewhere fairly near to you.  Go see a performance, professional or amateur. Check out art museums that have special shows up for the month. If art isn’t your thing, check out a natural history museum’s display of the beauty of nature’s designs.  Or go find that museum you’ve always meant to visit. Fill your mind and imagination with wonder, art and creation.

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3. Connect with the people you love!
Not everyone you love was at the Thanksgiving dinner table yesterday.  On Black Friday, invite someone you love to have a visit, meet someone for coffee or tea, make some calls to friends and family who are far away, and consider hand writing a letter to those older folks who mean a lot to you (they’ll love it). Celebrate the gifts of time and connection by reaching out to that of God in your loved ones.

As the world around us descends into consumerism and frenzy, we can step aside and let it run right past us. This is not about restoring the true meaning of the holidays – and who knows what that is, anyway?  Stepping aside allows us to stay in contact with God (or higher power, goddess, Spirit) and with God within us all.