WF Podcast Twenty-One – Quaker Leadership of the Future

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Episode 21 of the Western Friend Podcast records an online working session among Friends to consider ways that Quaker meetings can better support new leaders.

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The podcast features short presentations by these panelists:
  • Folks employed by Quaker organizations to support leaders of the future:
    • AFSC – Julian Andaya, Director of AFSC's Emerging Leaders for Liberation Program
      • AFSC = American Friends Service Committee
    • FCNL — Larissa Gil-Sanhueza, Senior Manager of FNCL’s Young Adult Program
      • FCNL = Friends Committee on National Legislation
    • QVS — Woody Logan-Wood, City Coordinator for the QVS Portland Program
      • QVS = Quaker Voluntary Service
  • Folks who support leaders of the future in our yearly meetings:
    • IMYM – Erin Bates, Assistant to the Yearly Meeting
      • IMYM = Intermountain Yearly Meeting
    • NPYM — Paul Christiansen, Rising Clerk of the Yearly Meeting
      • NPYM = North Pacific Yearly Meeting
    • PacYM — Alma Moon, Co-Clerk of Young Adult Meeting
      • PacYM = Pacific Yearly Meeting
    • SCYMF — Erin Wilson, Coordinating Committee and Safeguarding Committee for the yearly meeting
      • SCYMF = Sierra Cascades Yearly Meeting of Friends

The “chapters” in this podcast:

0:00     Introduction

3:08     Erin Bates - Intermountain Yearly Meeting

6:32     Paul Christiansen - North Pacific Yearly Meeting

11:06   Alma Moon - Pacific Yearly Meeting

15:25   Erin Wilson - Sierra-Cascades Yearly Meeting of Friends

20:51   Julian Andaya - American Friends Service Committee

24:02   Larissa Gil-Sanhueza - Friends Committee on National Legislation

29:34   Woody Logan-Wood - Quaker Voluntary Service

34:25   Open Conversation between panelists

54:04   The Remix with the Soul Force Ones

1:12:36    Outro

Click here to read notes from this online working session of Friends.

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