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Public Meeting for Worship

David Brietzmann
On Weapons (January 2019)

Dear Friends: On November 11, 2018, San Francisco Friends came to unity on holding a public meeting for worship every Wednesday at 5 PM at UN Plaza. Worship takes place across from the new “mobile command” police station. Worship lasts for 30 minutes and anyone moved by the Spirit is welcome to speak a Word, the same as our Sunday meeting for worship.

This is not a political protest, no one is to risk arrest. Instead, we sit in expectant worship to affirm our Peace Testimony. The mood of the nation – particularly after the Tree of Life shooting – finds the watchwords of “security” and “safety” more prevalent than “love” and “community.” We hope that our presence serves to remind those who pass by that absolute darkness is cast out by even the faintest presence of Light.

– David Breitzman, San Francisco Friends Meeting (PYM)

Meeting for Worship public witness

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