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99 Tactics of Successful Tax Resistance Campaigns - Review

Elizabeth Boardman
On Time (March 2014)

99 Tactics of Successful Tax Resistance Campaigns
by David Gross 

Reviewed by Elizabeth Boardman

Released in January 2014, this new book by David gross is as carefully researched and engaging to read as his previous books, American Quaker War Tax Resistance and We Won’t Pay.

The question "How do tax resistance campaigns succeed in meeting their goals?" is answered with concrete and vivid examples drawn from tax resistance campaigns over thousands of years of history and across the globe.

A successful tax resistance campaign goes beyond resisting taxes. It will also develop tactics to support resisters, to increase the number of resisters, to frustrate government countermeasures, to influence public opinion, to expand the arsenal of resistance techniques, and to lay the groundwork for victory.

Gross explores useful tactics in each of these categories. He also discusses how solitary resisters can succeed on their own terms in their one-person campaigns, using the examples of American tax resisters Henry David Thoreau and Ammon Hennacy

David Gross is an experienced leader in the National War Tax Coordinating Council. This book is already serving as a useful guide for its members nationwide.  It includes an appendix (also available on-line) that is designed to help workshop groups select the tactics that will best strengthen their campaigns. If you'd like a copy of the book, visit:  http://sniggle.net/99Tactics. ~~~

Elizabeth Boardman is a war tax resister who belongs to Davis Friends Meeting in California (PYM).

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