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New Hope for Quaker Action

Keith Runyan
On Seeds (November 2023)

Dear Friends: The yearning to re-enliven and coalesce the forces within Quakerism to meet the challenges of our time has become a central theme of my life’s work. I sense a latent energy in Quakerism that is waiting to wake up. Over the past few decades, Quakers have grown dramatically in ecological consciousness and are beginning to develop the courage to redress our relationship to colonial legacies with people, labor, and land. What we lack, as older generations age and many grow weary over the perceived failures of past efforts, is sufficient vigor and vision to meet this growing consciousness. We need an active hope, as powerful as the forces that would lead us towards despair. My aspiration is to help re-enliven such hope, in my new role as General Secretary of Quaker Earthcare Witness. ~~~

– Keith Runyan, Santa Cruz Friends Meeting (PacYM)

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