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Bob Lanfelder
On Secrets (July 2020)

Dear Editor: The article by William Ashworth of Ashland, OR, in the May/June 2020 Western Friend is a perfect example of righteous, individual fossil fuel purity that judges the rest of us gas users as sinners. No analysis on how we transition to get whole society off fossil fuels. No accounting for all the fossil fuels that went into making his Chevy Bolt EV.

I drive a 2018 Toyota Rav 4 Hybrid with All Wheel Drive, which I need on Wyoming roads. His Bolt does not have AWD, maybe he doesn’t need it.

You know, it was a painful choice I had to make to get the Rav 4 Hybrid AWD rather than an e-car. No AWD e-car existed then. Maybe by 2021, there will be one. You cannot get to my isolated property in Wyoming without AWD. So, while critical of Ashworth’s singular focus, I actually relate closely to his decisions and wish I could have done the same.

– Bob Langfelder, Strawberry Creek Quaker Meeting, Berkeley, CA (PacYM)

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