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Vanguard SOS

Shelley Tanenbaum
On Science (November 2022)

Dear Friends: I encourage you to learn about the remarkable “Vanguard SOS” campaign, organized by a coalition of which Earth Quaker Action Team (EQAT) is a member.

Speaking from my own participation in the international “Vanguard SOS Day of Action” on 10/7/2022, I’d like to emphasize how gathered the worship was at all three sites – Philadelphia, London, and online. All of us reported a sense of felt spirit and connection amongst the three groups and at each site – in the streets of suburban Philadelphia, in central London, and online with participants from across North America. The online meeting for worship, despite the busyness of seeing action going on in both Philadelphia and London, despite the flat screen view, was a profound time of worship, with spirit moving in our hearts and deep messages rising.

Learn more about Vanguard SOS here: vanguard-sos.com

– Shelley Tanenbaum, Quaker Earthcare Witness

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