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A Note from Ukraine

Sergiy Kolesnyk
On Science (November 2022)


Dear Friends: The whole world feels this conflict in Ukraine – turbulence in the markets, prices for products and energy carriers, logistical connections. Even Russia’s partners – China and India – are feeling the consequences of this conflict on their economies. At the same time, about fifty countries participate in the Ramstein Contact Group for assistance to Ukraine. Fortunately, this is not a military world conflict, but it is a world conflict!

Tonight, I woke up, and in a half-drowsy state, I heard a terrible phrase, and fell asleep again. What I heard was, “We can’t avoid World War III.”

Western representatives said that if Russia uses nuclear weapons, Western countries will intervene. Maybe the Kremlin has already made a decision.

You and I read the Bible and know how prayers have stopped wars. Let’s pray that we all manage to avoid World War III.

– from Sergiy Kolesnyk, Kyiv Friends, Ukraine


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