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since funding is first

David R. Wolf
On Rules (November 2020)
Healing the World
(after E. E. Cummings)

since funding is first
who gives any attention
to the substance of things
is never going to pay you;

wholly to be a tool
while grants are in the world

the boss approves;
donations are a better fate
than virtue

child i swear by our funders. Don’t cry
– the great zeal in our hearts is less than
your monthly timesheet which says
we’re renewed next year; then
laugh, leaning back in my chair
our funds are provided for
and clients i guess are not priorities

David R. Wolf is an attorney, activist, and four-plus-year veteran of the nonprofit industrial complex. He serves as recording clerk of Pima Monthly Meeting in Tucson, AZ (IMYM).

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