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Greeting Cards for You, Perhaps

Sarah Malone
On Puzzles (April 2019)

Dear Friends: Albuquerque Meeting supported our friend Emma in sanctuary for twenty-one months. [See the July/August 2017 issue of Western Friend.]

Emma learned to paint while living in sanctuary. She calls her calls her work “Paintings for Peace,” and some of us have helped her set up a business to convert her charming paintings into greeting cards, which depict flowers, birds, moonlit skies and landscapes. Emma’s business is called “Sanctuary Works” – not only to celebrate the “works” created by Emma while in sanctuary, but also to say that sanctuary “works” as an avenue for people without documentation to pursue legal status in the United States.

Proceeds from the sale of Emma’s cards are going towards legal fees, filing fees, and other expenses, as Emma pursues her immigration case from abroad. Sanctuary Works also accepts financial gifts, though these are not tax exempt.

To view Emma’s work and place an order, see: www.sanctuaryworks.org.

– Sarah Malone, Albuquerque Friends Meeting (IMYM)

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