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Compassionate Listening Alabama

Vickie Aldrich
On Place (May 2022)

Dear Friends: Tim and I will join the Compassionate Listening Alabama Journey in October, if the program gets enough people to sign up by August.

As many Friends know, Compassionate Listening was started by Friend Gene Knudson Hoffman and then continued by Leah Green and others.

This is from the program’s website: “Our Journey includes Montgomery, Selma, and Birmingham. Participants will encounter a diverse range of people – from civil rights icons to right-wing conservatives. The trip is carefully crafted and balanced so participants’ time is divided between listening sessions and group reflection. We will also visit museums and major historical landmarks in the struggle for civil rights.”

Find more information at this website: https://www.compassionatelistening.org/alabama

– Vickie Aldrich, Las Cruces Friends Meeting (IMYM)

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