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Mary Klein
On Love (September 2013)

The editor and board of Western Friend hear this from our readers: While our magazine is published six times a year, many western Friends want to hear from each other more frequently than that.

We have made the decision at Western Friend to devote the paper pages of our magazine to topics that explore enduring questions. While our readers tell us they value this approach, some Friends miss the “timely newsletter” aspects of the old Friends Bulletin. Other Friends expect to find more timely information on our website.

With our readers’ wishes and expectations in mind, Western Friend plans to reinvigorate our website. We hope to build a site where Friends can meet each other, learn about each other’s concerns, and learn about each other’s meetings. We have gathered many specific ideas over the past few months, and are eager to gather more. It will take us some time to raise the money we need to tackle this project. In the mean time, please send your ideas to [email protected].

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