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Quaker PopOffsets (letter)

Richard Grossman
On Heritage (July 2016)

Dear Editor: Quaker Earthcare Witness (QEW) has just approved a new program, Quaker PopOffsets. It’s patterned after a similar program in Britain (www.PopOffsets.org), which collects contributions and then disperses the money to programs that either educate about family planning or provide family-planning services. Because a “non-person” has no carbon emissions, this is a very effective way to offset one’s carbon emissions. I would also like to ask you to share with Western Friend readers the minute in support of Planned Parenthood that Intermountain Yearly Meeting approved at our annual session this June. Thanks.

– Dick Grossman, Durango Friends Meeting (IMYM)

[See the IMYM minute at: westernfriend.org/media/minute-support-planned-parenthood]

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