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Who is this “We”?

Kate McClellan
On Family (September 2014)

Dear Editor: Robert Griswold’s article in the July/August 2014 issue of Western Friend discusses ego development without any references and starts off all about “we.” Since he is not referring to any research or current psychological literature, I assume he is sharing his opinion of how ego development worked in his own life.

I can tell Mr. Griswold that my experience was quite different from what he describes “we” go through growing up. I experienced ego-shattering trauma as
a child. My ego development was not at all what
Mr. Griswold describes. With the help of others, I have worked to heal from this fragmentation of the self. Coming to wholeness is a gift I am grateful to be receiving incrementally. I don’t see my search for a coherent self as an obstacle to my search for the Spirit.

When Mr. Griswold starts talking about his interpretation of George Fox’s experience near the end of his article, then I can begin to appreciate what he is trying to say about seeing that of God in everyone. “A new Power will arise, one that sees Divine Reality (including yourself) with awe and compassion. This will give you your chance to be – and to have your life.” I found this to be very inspiring. I wish it had been where the article started.

– Kate McClellan, Palo Alto Friends Meeting (PYM)

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