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The Future of the Religious Society of Friends

Susan Wilson
On Cooperation (September 2022)

Dear Friends: Ben Lomond Quaker Center (California) and Elsie K. Powell House (New York) are pleased to invite you to a seven-part series of retreats that we are cosponsoring September 2022 through June 2023, concerning the health and future of the Religious Society of Friends. The year-long series is called “Testimonies to Mercy.”

This ambitious series features nine dynamic Quaker public ministers from the United States and the United Kingdom, intentionally representative of some of the diversity of identity and experience in Quaker community. Friends may participate in one or several of these retreats; each is designed to stand alone while contributing to larger conversations and development in the Religious Society of Friends.

Individual retreat topics include education, the time to be tender, emotional separateness and openness, equality, truth, lament, and hospitality. Most of these retreats will be held online only.

– Susan Wilson, Ben Lomond Quaker Center (PacYM)

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