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The Dwindling Younger Generation

Young Adult Friends of North Pacific Yearly Meeting
On Cooperation (September 2022)

During this Annual Session of North Pacific Yearly Meeting, we have reflected on the many aspects of Quakerism which have led us to this intentional community. Young Adult Friends are led here out of gratitude for the many intangible gifts Friends offer. We are drawn to this non-authoritative community because we value equality in action. We feel grateful for intergenerational community . . . Out of care for this community and its future, we feel led to express our concerns about the way the Society of Friends is operating.

We are concerned about the dwindling younger generations in Quaker spaces. We are losing our peers and friends from this community. Many of us have doubts and concerns about our own paths. . .  We are ringing a warning bell: several members in our generations have left because of the oppression and the absence of collective support they have experienced. We have recognized a pattern of prioritizing older white Friends who are considered “weighty,” to the detriment of the rest of the community. . .

– Young Adult Friends Epistle Committee of NPYM 2022

[The complete epistle is published online at: https://westernfriend.org/npym-2022-young-adult-friends-epistle]

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