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Thanks for History of Gun Laws

Steve Finger
On Cooperation (September 2022)

To the Editor: Wow. Bill Durland’s piece on the Second Amendment and gun control was clear and educational. I must have slept through civics class. I learned a lot about different levels of the law and about the duty of the judicial system to balance the right to individual freedom against the right to be safe and secure. For example, one does not have the right to shout “Fire” in a crowded movie theater. No right is absolute and unlimited, including the right to bear arms. Bill is a gift to us Quakers and the greater society. Thank you, Bill. And thank you, Mary, for publishing it.

– Steven C. Finger, Flagstaff Friends Meeting (IMYM)

[Bill Durland’s article was published in Extra Extra Western Friend on 7/2/2022;  see: https://westernfriend.org/thoughts-current-issues]

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