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A Call to End Hostilities in Ukraine

Ann Remley
On Cooperation (September 2022)

Dear Western Friends: Please consider joining Boulder Meeting in our Statement of Concern about the Ukraine War (7/17/2022). We adapted it from a recent letter by FCNL’s General Secretary Bridget Moix. We hope to share Friends’ profound commitment to peace widely.

The statement says, in part: “We call on the US government, NATO, Ukraine, and Russia to urgently work toward ending hostilities, and the removal of all foreign military troops from Ukraine. We urge all parties to remain at the negotiating table and to keep lines of communication and dialogue open and active. . . We affirm again that war is never the answer. Lasting peace can only be achieved through peaceful means.”

– Anne Remley, Boulder Friends Meeting (IMYM)

[A copy of the full statement by Boulder Meeting is published online at: https://westernfriend.org/call-end-hostilities-ukraine]

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