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Russian Peacemakers

Julie Harlow
On Conflict (January 2023)

Friends: To be a peacemaker in Russia today is to open yourself to charges of treason.  Despite the mass arrests and the constant dangers of even saying that there is a war, good men and women in Russia do stand up for their beliefs. With amazing courage and sly creativity many are finding ways to say, “No to War,” and “No to Putin.”

Some are even willing to sign their names to statements of protest.  One such group is the Russian Christian-Peacemakers.

I hope the Christmas Declaration of Russian Christian-Peacemakers will inspire you to send your prayers, wishes, hopes, and visions of Peace to all corners of our troubled world.  You can read the full Declaration here: https://tinyurl.com/RussianPeacemakers

– Julie Harlow, Davis Friends Meeting (PacYM)

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