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Goatwalking is Back!

Chuck Fager
On Cliques (September 2021)

Dear Friends: For the first time in thirty years, you can buy a new copy of: Arizona Quaker Jim Corbett’s book Goatwalking.

Jim was a member of Pima Meeting, and among (many) other things, co-founder of the 1980s sanctuary movement, which saved many Central American refugees’ lives, and still continues in a low-key fashion. Jim was also a philosopher, environmental/climate change seer, and wandering goatherd mystic in the Sonoran Desert.

Jim published Goatwalking in 1991, and when he died in 2001, it was out of print and scarce. But many readers and seekers had been powerfully moved and stimulated by it. Some yearned to see the book back in print, available to new generations of readers and seekers. One of those was Jim’s wife Pat. Another was me.

A group of Jim’s F/friends and fans brought it back, as a paperback and eBook, with a volunteer effort that took months and overcame many obstacles. I served as the “Clerk” of this herd of cats, which gathered by Zoom and got the work done despite pandemic disruptions and a shoestring budget.

For this new edition, we have kept the original text, but made it more reader-friendly by adding an Index, and preparing a companion group discussion guide, which can be downloaded free.

Finally, Jim and Goatwalking were just the subject of an excellent four-part podcast, issued by Future Ecologies:

– Chuck Fager, A Friendly Letter

[Find links for purchasing the book and viewing the videos at: https://westernfriend.org/goatwalking-back]

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