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Camp Woolman

Sonja Feinberg
On Art (March 2020)

Dear Friends:

Nestled in the Sierra Foothills of Northern California, Camp Woolman is a beautiful small community where kids come to hike, swim, make friends, play sports, do art, learn about peace and community, and drop all pretenses to let their inner light shine through. Our small camp size ensures that every child is given the attention and encouragement they need to just be themselves and have a great time!

All campers go on three-day backpacking trips to stunning locations, such as Tahoe Basin, Desolation Wilderness, and sections of the Pacific Crest Trail. We allow our campers to choose what activities they want to attend, and many all-camp games make our community uniquely close-knit. Our vegetarian meals are sourced as locally as possible and are truly delicious!

We offer one- and two-week overnight programs for youth aged nine-to-seventeen. Our top priority at Camp Woolman is to ensure everyone feels comfortable being their true selves. We celebrate all gender identities and expressions, cultural backgrounds and beliefs, and all the traits that make every one of our campers special.

For more information, email our Camp Director at [email protected]. Or visit www.woolman.org/camp.

– Sonja Feinberg, Camp Director, Camp Woolman (PYM)

Camp Wooman

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