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Western Friend - Summer 2008

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Table of Contents

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A Friendly Farewell Anthony Manousos 2
Friends Bulletin Corporation Report to Yearly Meetings 3
Let us Begin with Joy Rolene Otero 4
1997: Prison Concerns: Mysticism: Loyalty Oaths: North Pacific Yearly Meeting Celebrates its 25th Anniversary 5
1998: Friendly Education: Quaker Service: Peacing it all Together 7
Help us to Grow the Western Quaker Community 8
The Loyalty Oath and Friends: Barbara Elfbrandt and Wendy Gonaver 9
A Quaker Response to the Recent Firing of Wendy Gonaver 10
1999: Friends Bulletin Celebrates its 70th Anniversary: Quakers and the Arts: Friends and Native People 11
2000: Friends World Committee: For Consultation: Cosmic Quaker Perspective: Ministry to the Dying 12
The Unpublished Autobiography of Howard Brinton: Quaker Educator-Pendle Hill Director and Found of Friends Bulletin and Pacific Yearly Meeting Anthony Manousos 14
Does Your Meeting Suffer from Lightness Deficiency? Jacob Stone 16
Trudy Myrrh Reagan Quaker Artist 18
Befriending the Universe Dorothy Blackcrow Mack 21
Friends Peace Teams Answering a Call-Making Peace 23
2001: Gandhi for Children: Joe Volk on Keeping Faith in Discouraging Times: and Quaker Responses to 9/11 24
2002: Honoring Bob Schultz: Helping the Victims of War in Afghanistan and Bring a Voice for the Homeless 25
Is it Time to Lay Down God? "LJ" Lanny Jay 28
Language of the Spirit-Language of the Heart Steve Smith 29
2003: Friends of African Descent: Interfaith Journeys: and Compassionate Listening 30
A Friend from Burundi shares a Vessel of Peace and Love Irene Webb 31
Friends and Music Miriam Berg 32
A Friendly Revision of Onward Christian Soldiers Margaret Fruth 33
News of Wellspring Friends School Margaret Fruth 33
Friends Look Towards the Future 34
Envisioning Our Future Marybeth Webster 34
Building Bridges of Hope as We Face Our Differences 34
Growing Into the Future Converging as Friends Robin Mohr 35
2004: Same-Sex Marriage: Quaker Healing: Teaching Kids about Peace and Quakerism 36
2006: US-Mexico Border Concerns: Redeeming the Land: And Quaker Enviromentalism in Living Color 36
2005: Sowing Seeds of Peace in Israel and Palestine: What Canst thou Say? and Mysticism: The Hiroshima-Nagasaki Vigil 37
2006: US-Mexico Border Concerns: Redeeming the Land: And Quaker Enviromentalism in Living Color 38
What We Must Keep for the Sake of Our Future Annis Bleeke 39
We Must be Doing Something Right! But is it Gospel Order? Stephen McNeil 40
Let's Not Hide Our Inner Light Under a Bushel! Robert Griswold 40
2007: Spirit-Led Eldering: Global Warming and Celebrating the 90th Anniversary of the AFSC 41
Introducing Kathy Hyzy New Editor of The Western Friend 42
Transforming Our Lives, Becoming the Future We Seek Stephen Matchett 44
Calendar 44
Classifieds 45