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Friends Bulletin - September 1998

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Table of Contents

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Junta Sin Fronteras: A Gathering Without Borders: 1
From the Editor: A Gathering Without Borders Anthony Manousos 2
Dreams and Nightmares in El Salvador Carin Anderson 3
Making Dreams a Reality in El Salvador Carmen M. Broz 5
Pacific Yearly Meeting's Latin American Concerns Committee Brian Vura-Weis 6
Si a la Vida: Yes to Life! Millie Royce, Bob Royce 7
AFSC Works for Latino Economic Development in Portland-Oregon Martin Gonzalez 9
Justice for Han Young Workers Trim Bissell 9
Greetings to all Friends World-wide from Intermountain Yearly Meeting! 11
Saludos a Todos los Amigos del Mundo de la Junta Annual Intermontana! 11
AFSC Staff Arrested for Taking Photos of Border Agents Roberto Martinez 12
SCQM-AFSC Youth Project Returns to Maclovio Rojas Tom Kowal 12
Intermountain Friends Address Border Concerns 13
Friday Morning (Poem) 14
Purple (Poem) Kathryn McCreary Brotherton 14
Intermountain Yearly Meeting Senior Young Friends Support TRUCE 2000 14
The March of River Critters 14
The Genesis of Toad Woman Josselyn Fairchild 15
Friendly News 16
Vital Statistics 18
Memorial Minutes 18
Americans No More: The Death of Citizenship (Book Review) Carl Wallen 21
Short Courses at Pendle Hill 22
Earthlight Magazine of Spiritual Ecology 22
Announcements 22
Calendar 22
Advertisements 23