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Friends Bulletin - September 1981

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Table of Contents

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From the Editor Shirley Ruth, Jeanne Lohmann 2
Valiant Friends-Past-Present-Future 3
To Friends Everywhere from Intermountain Meeting 9
North Pacific Yearly Meeting Report Barbara Janoe 10
To Friends Everywhere from PYM Eleanor Foster 12
Epistle of Young Friends of PYM Martine Ernst 13
Epistle Junior Friends PYM 13
Epistle Junior High Friends of PYM Ellen Ridgway 14
Honolulu Friends Meeting State of Society Report Phyllis Hoge Thompson 14
Mexico City Friends State of the Meeting Corinne Hernandez 15
Letters Paul Burks 15
Report from Friend in the Orient Committee 18
F.W.C.C. Conference Announced 18
AFSC Appointments in Laos 18
AFSC Search 18
Mel's Lake Has "Pier Pressure" Problems! 19
Vital Statistics 19
Calendar 20