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Friends Bulletin - September 1980

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Table of Contents

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The Best of Things in the Worst of Times Stephen Cary 1
From the Editor Shirley Ruth 2
To All Friends Gilbert F. White 6
Minute on Reinstitution of Military Registration 6
Intermountain Yearly Meeting Census 6
Friend in the Orient Committee Sponsors Korean Friend 7
New Foundation Tape Availible 7
Report of North Pacific Yearly Meeting Barbara Janoe 8
To Friends Everywhere (from PYM) Eleanor Foster 9
To Friends Everywhere (from YF of PYM) Diego James Navarro 9
To Friends Everywhere (from Junior Yearly Meeting) 10
Memorials 10
Funds Needed for the Fund for Concerns-PYM 12
Additons to PYM Officiers and Committees 12
Bulletin Committee Report to PYM Meta Ruth Ferguson 12
Santa Barbara Meeting Changes its Place of Worship 12
Letter 13
Pendle Hill Celebrates its Fiftieth Anniversary 14
Open Letter to President Carter Sang Dal Cha 14
The Friendly Woman is Coming to California 16
Friends Association of Services for the Elderly 16
Lost Items Left at Chico 18
The Wallach Awards for Writings on Peace 18
Memorial Minutes-Mary Elizabeth Burton Cunningham-Russell Clough Kinsman-Laverne Lane Betts 18
Vital Statistics 19
Calendar 20
Discernment Jeanne Lohmann 20