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Friends Bulletin - September 1978

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Table of Contents

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Inwardly Gathered Into Life (Poem) Robert Barclay 142
From the Editor Shirley Ruth 142
To Friends Everywhere from PYM Lowell Tozer 143
Young Friends Epistle Laurelyn Barns, Mike Turner 144
Junior High Friends Epistle 144
To Friends Everywhere from NPYM Paul F. Davis 145
To Friends Young and Old Everywhere from Young Friends NPYM 146
North PYM Alice Miles 146
The Quiet Food Revolution 147
To Friends Everywhere from IYM Norma Adams Price 148
Fourth Inter-Mountain Meeting Marie Clark 148
IMTM Young Friends Betty Cole 149
Memorials 150
Summary of Action Minutes of PYM 150
Young Friends of North America Conference Laurie MacKenzie 152
How to Pack for an Inward Journey 152
1978 Conference of Young Adult Friends Jay Thatcher 153
Women's Gathering on NonViolence and Feminism 153
Women's Sharing Weekend 6/78 Ann Denham 154
Letters 155
An Economic Bill of Rights Robert R. Schutz 156
Calendar 160
Sam Tyson Sentenced for Anti-Nuclear Protest 160