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Friends Bulletin - September 1975

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Table of Contents

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To Friends Everywhere 1
North Pacific Yearly Meeting Epistle Monette H. Thatcher 1
from the Trident Resolution 1
FCER Conference 7
Friendly Outreach Robert R. Schutz 2
Joe Gunterman Margaret Brooks 2
Bulletin Price Raised Robert R. Schutz 2
How Now- Legislation? Trevor Thomas 3
The Inverse Aarrogance of Friends Jack Powelson 4
Speaking Truth to Power Laura Magnani 5
Intermountain Yearly Meeting 6
In Memoriam Elizabeth Thiermann Elsie Renne 7
FCER Conference 7
The First 20 Years-Friends Committee on Legislation Peter Szego 8
No We Don't Work on Abalone Bills Joe Gunterman 10
Notes from the meetings 11
Vital Statistics 11
Night Teaching (Poem) Nancy Burnett 11
Letters 12
Quakers and the FCL David Munro 14
Anyone for Small Groups? Margaret Brooks 15