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Friends Bulletin - September 1966

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Table of Contents

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1966 Pacific Yearly Meeting 1
State of Society 1
The Peace Testimony in 1966 1
Statement on Vietnam 3
Suggestions for Action 2
Letters 2
AFSC Statement 2
Statement on Taxes 2
Social Order Committee Report 3
Minute of Concern on Population Control Tyson Sam 5
Minute of Concern on the Failure of the United States to Ratify the Human Rights Conventions 5
Conferences on the Social Order 5
Race Relations Conference 5
Representative Committee Recommendations 6
Friend in Washington 6
Friends Around the World 6
Open Meeting on Minstry and Oversight 7
Epistle Madge Seaver 8
Young Friends Epistle Pat Stevens 8
Junior Yearly Meeting Epistle Leyton Jump 9
Memorials 9
Pacific Yearly Meeting Appointments 10
1966-67 Operating Budget 11
Treasurer's Report 12
1966 Statistical Report Mildred M. Burck 12
Choral Singing Mary Etter 13
Quaker Family Problems 13
My First Yearly Meeting John Feil 14
One Young Friend's Yearly Meeting Judy Bruff 14
News Notes 15
News of Friends 16