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Friends Bulletin - September 1963

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Table of Contents

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Yearly Meeting Approved 1
Interim Committee Changes 1
Travel Allowance Revision 1
Friends in the Orient 2
Korean Friends 3
Quaker Seminar in Mexico 3
Friend in Washington 3
A Meditation Edwin C. Morgenroth 3
Special Session on Race Relations 3
Epistle Edwin C. Morgenroth 4
Standing Committee Reports: 4
Peace Committee Harriet Schaffran 4
Ministry and Oversight Beatrice Crouse 5
Social Order Committee Herbert Foster 5
Secretary's Report Mildred M. Burck 6
1963 Register-PYM 7
Pacific Yearly Meeting Appointments 10
Junior Yearly Meeting: 11
Young Friends-Epistle Connie Jump 11
College Program Karen Scott 11
Junior-Senior High-Lights Joyce Victor 11
From the Workships...Education Liesel Skorpen 12
Minstry and Oversight Jackie Dunham 12
Quaker Dialogues Louise McIntyre 12
Social Order Erling Skorpen 13
The Morning After Harold Carson 13
The Treasurer's Report 14
Operating Budget 14
A Concern 14
On the Ordering of Yearly Meeting Ferner Nuhn 15
Children's Program Alice Miles 15
Closing Minute 15
Notes from Here and There 16