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Friends Bulletin - October 2003

Table of Contents

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Editorial: Antidotes to Despair Anthony Manousos 2
The Witness of Caretaking 3
Coming to Unity in Faithfulness to Our Vision Mary Ellen McNish 4
Finding Hope in the Midst of Despair Laura Magnani 5
Right Sharing in India: A Personal Journey Part 2 Linnea Wang 7
The 'Inside' Story of the Afghan Refugee Girls School Edith Cole 8
A Seminal Seminar at Intermountain Yearly Meeting 10
The Inner Life and Its Joys and Dangers Noel Peattie 11
Pacific Yearly Meeting in Pictures 12
Lessons from a Wounded Place Jennifer Caron 14
Friendly Responses 16
Pacific Yearly Meeting Epistles and Minutes 17
Summation (Poem) Jeanne Lohmann 19
Night Wind (Poem) Jeanette Young 19
Memorial Minutes 19
Calendar Items 20
Profession and Practice: Quaker Perspectives on Healing as Ministry (Book Review) Kay Byler 21
Shakespeare and Forgiveness (Book Review) Langdon Elsbree 21
Classifieds 21