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Friends Bulletin - October 2002

Table of Contents

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From the Editor: Be Prepared to Give reasons for the hope within you•_É Anthony Manousos 2
To Friends Everywhere from NPYM Jane Snyder 3
Be prepared to give reasons for hope Peggy Parsons 4
Catching a Message Peggy Parsons 4
Epistles of Young Friends 8
North Pacific Yearly Meeting Friends Oppose War Against Iraq 9
North Pacific Yearly Meeting in Pictures 10
Focus on Latin America: Efforts to Help Mexican Migrant Workers in USA Juan Pascoe 12
Supplement [Quaker BoliviaLink] 12
Si a la Vida Walks with the Street Kids in Nicaragua Millie Royce 13
State of the Meeting Reports Highlights 14
FCNL-a Friendly Voice in Washington DC 16
Coffee-Coffee-Coffee (Poem) 17
In Search of Margaret Fell (Book Review) 18
Waging Peace for a Living: An Action Plan for Survival of Life on Earth (Book Review) 18
Come Pray: A Guide to Deeper Personal and Corporate Prayer (Book Review) 18
A Friendly Response 19
Memorial Minutes 19
Friends for Lesbian and Gay Concerns Midwinter Gathering 20
Classifieds 21
Clarence and Lilly Pickett Endowment 21
FWCC Friends Peace Witness in a Time of Crisis 23
Spend a Week at Pendle Hill 24