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Friends Bulletin - October 2001

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Table of Contents

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From the Editor: Keeping Faith in Discouraging Times Anthony Manousos 2
Keeping Faith in Discouraging Times from North Pacific Yearly Meeting and Friends General Conference Joe Volk 3
Carrying Crosses to Mexico Anthony Manousos 7
Economic Justice: Some Quaker Perspectives 8
A Solution to Economic Injustice: A Cooperative Economy Sandy Perry 9
Walk for Farmworkers' Justice Peg Morton 10
North Pacific Yearly Meeting in Pictures 12
North Pacific Yearly Meeting Epistles and Action Minutes 14
A Call to Close the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation 14
Friendly Responses 16
YES!-A Journal of Positive Futures 17
Dying with Mary 18
Memorial Minutes 19
Visit Bolivia! Quaker Study Tour 21
Do Friends Believe in Angels? 21
Advertisements 22
Pendle Hill Life Income Plans 23
Announcement of Free Omnibus Issue for December 2001 24