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Friends Bulletin - October 1993

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Friends an the Political Process 25
xxx6 38
Editorial Nancy M. Yarnall 26
Calendar 26
Table of Contents 27
Friends and the Political Process-A Friend Runs for Congress Janet Gastil 28
A View from the Trenches Steve Birdlebough 29
My Personal Political Involvment 30
Human Rights and Quaker Values Martin Cobin 31
Friends Committee on Legislation in California Bruce Brown 33
Speaking Truth to Power: Circa 1993 Jeanne E. Herrick-Stare 34
Dark Night Journey: Inward Re-patterning Toward a Life Centered in God Helen Dart 35
Letters 35
Friendly News 36
Willamette Quarterly Meeting Sheila Smith 36
Utah Friends Fellowship Alice H. Stokes 36
News from Arizona Half Yearly Meeting Mary Lou Mills Coppock 37
Colorado Regional Meeting News Jim Ray 37
Gay-Lesbian Worship Group Multnomah Meeting 37
Memorial Minutes 38
Advertisements 39
Announcements 39
Vital Statistics 39
Guatemala (Poem) 40
Impressions de Mexico (Poem) Tom Kowal 40