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Friends Bulletin - November 2004

Table of Contents

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Editorial: Speaking the Truth in Love•_É Anthony Manousos 2
Are We Small-Few-Overcommitted and Tired or a Great People to be Gathered? Eric Moon 3
Travels with Eric and Nancy: Hugging the East Side of the Cascades Nancy M. Yarnall 5
Continuing Revelation and Shalom•_ÉAn Interview with Zac Moon Anthony Manousos 7
In Quaker Meeting (Poem) Carol Bosworth 9
Membership: Risks and Responsibilities Robert Griswold 10
Pacific Yearly Meeting Epistles 11
Pacific Yearly Meeting in Pictures 12
Friendly News: An Australian Friend Visits Pacific Yearly Meeting 16
15th Biennial Conference of Quaker Historians and Archivists at George Fox University Tom King 16
Friendly Responses 17
I Grew Up (Poem) Mariana Ruybalid 18
Pause (Poem) Mariana Ruybalid 18
Building Consensus: Conflict and Unity (Book Review) 19
Memorial Minutes 19
Classifieds 21